Where to eat keto food In LA

Where to Find Great Keto Food in LA

Delicious Low Carb Choices

Los Angeles has no shortage of eateries. New diners are constantly popping up and it seems a bar or brunch spot pops onto the scene daily. This is great for entrepreneurs and LA foodies alike. 

However, when you have dietary restrictions like following a keto diet, this can be disappointing. Seeing a new opening touting healthy eats can be a letdown when their menu doesn’t live up to the hype. Fortunately, it’s possible to find great keto food in LA and stick to your diet.

Whether you are following a keto diet for health or lifestyle reasons, being consistent is super important. Many keto followers experience increased energy, weight loss, and enhanced performance when sticking to their low carb regimen. However, tt’s easy to slip when the right food choices aren’t available, leaving you feeling miserable. 

The seemingly endless meal planning and grocery shopping can be exhausting. Constantly prepping ingredients and cooking nightly can leave you feeling burnt out. Give yourself a break and check out one of these awesome, keto-friendly spots around town. 

Plants and Animals, 1743 Colorado Blvd., in Eagle Rock

Great For: Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery, Catering, Meal Kits

Plants and Animals is a super unique find. The adorable cafe may be cozy, but it boasts a menu full of delicious choices. It can also accommodate a ton of different dietary restrictions so whether your friends are vegan, nut-free, or gluten-free (or a combination) you can all enjoy a great meal together.

The cafe offers delicious sandwiches on keto-friendly bread and bright salads bursting with fresh produce. There are unique side dish offerings like a savory herb-roasted radish and brussels sprouts combination that are a great elevation to typical cafe fare. The rotation of creative, keto-friendly desserts is splendid for a low carb sweet tooth craving.

Plants and Animals’ bright and cheery cafe is the perfect lunch spot. However, they also offer carry-out so you can grab your delicious food to go. Their delivery service allows you to get your keto-friendly meal delivered right to your home or office. All of these options make keeping with your keto-diet super convenient. 

The restaurant also offers weekly meal kits so you can enjoy a fantastic keto meal each night of the week. The kits come with packaged entrees and side dishes you can mix and match to your liking to make customized meals at home. They even offer a catering service so you can easily feed a whole keto crown or guests with other dietary restrictions. 

With all of these great service options, Plants and Animals can be your one-stop-shop for all of your keto needs!

Impasta, 615 N. Western Ave., Larchmont

Great For: Take-Out, Lunch, Dinner, Delivery

Sometimes, a carb craving hits you out of nowhere. Salivating over a long lost pasta dish doesn’t have to mean the end to your keto streak. Luckily, there’s a way to satisfy your craving, minus the carbs. 

Impasta offers delectable noodle bowls, sans flour. With veggie-based noodles, you can have the same amazing taste as traditional pasta, without the guilt. Their menu of ready to eat bowls as well as an option to create your own allows you to enjoy a dish you’ll truly love. 

The spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles are delicious with Impasta’s sauce options of red wine reductions and Pomodoro. The unique cauliflower gnocchi and hearts of palm noodles are rich and satisfying, especially when paired with the smooth pesto with ricotta. You can even bring your plant-based friends along to enjoy the Impossible bolognese and vegan brown butter sage sauces.

Missing pizza? Impasta goes beyond just noodles. They offer cauliflower crust pizzas topped with everything from egg to organic chicken. There’s also a customizable cauliflower rice bowl with your choice of protein and seasonal grilled veggies. 

No matter what you’re craving, Impasta is sure to impress!

Belcampo, 8053 W. Third St., West Hollywood

Great For: Pick Up, Delivery, Dinner

Oftentimes, the burger becomes a centerpiece in the keto diet. If you’ve hopped on the burger train, you are likely constantly looking for the best one around. If so, head to Belcampo for a delicious menu that won’t disappoint. 

Their grass-fed and pasture-raised beef options can give you the confidence that you’re enjoying some of the cleanest meat in the city. Topped with unique and tasty toppings takes these patties to a whole new level. 

Will you try to melt in your mouth caramelized onions? Maybe the mild white cheddar cheese is more your speed. Looking for a truly satisfying experience? Try the Double Fast for two beef patties for double the protein. Each burger can be lettuce wrapped for a low carb feast.

Not feeling the burger vibe? Belcampo has plenty of other options. The salad menu is fresh and diverse with options like Chicken Satay and Mediterranean Marques with lamb. There is even a farm-made veggie patty for your meatless friends!

So, if you’re looking for great, quality meat between a bun of crisp lettuce, or something completely different, a visit to Belcampo can be an awesome choice!

Ixtaco, 10021 Valley Blvd. , El Monte

Great For: Pick Up, Delivery

Are you looking for a little Taco Tuesday, keto style? Ixtaco delivers…literally! The authentically inspired Tex Mex joint is a great way to get your taco fix without sacrificing your carb count. You can also pick up your hot and ready food to go.

The casual, counter-service food stand is a great place to enjoy your tacos in the beautiful Southern California sun. What’s even more amazing is the number of keto-friendly taco options. Using a tortilla crafted from cheese, Ixtaco boasts a whole menu of their Oxa Queso tacos!

You can enjoy meatless spice with the Soya Choriza Oxa Queso taco. Maybe seafood is your thing and you’ll try the scallops or crab versions. You can even mix it up a bit with Korean bbq filling for an Asian twist.

Ixtaco has something for everyone with both regular and vegan flan. There’s also their popular house-made Aquas Frescas. 

Whatever you chose, your keto stomach will be saying, “Gracias!,” for your delicious choice!

niKETO, 615 N. Western Ave., Larchmont

Great For: Lunch, Pick Up, Delivery

If you are looking for options, niKETO is a perfect choice. Their menu is brimming with great low-carb and healthier takes on more traditionally less nutritious dishes. It’s a great place to grab a bite to go or have a quick meal delivered from. 

The selection of 100% grass-fed burgers are served atop SmartBuns, keeping their carb counts in the single digits. The Stuffed Cheddar and Stuffed Blue Cheeseburgers are paradise for dairy lovers. The Fancy Smancy burger is an excellent choice for the mushroom and swiss obsessed, complete with rich garlic aioli. 

niKETO is also a great spot to get your pizza fix. From The Standard with pepperoni and mushrooms to White Thunder smothered in a cheese blend and pickled jalapenos, there’s a pie for every taste. Check out the Thai version with cage-free chicken and housemade peanut sauce for an ethnic twist.

niKETO is full of so many options it’s hard to pick just one. Your first visit will likely not be your last!

TikiFish, 3300 Overland Ave #105, Los Angeles

Great For: Lunch, Carry Out, Delivery, Quick Bites

If you’re a seafood lover, TikiFish is a perfect spot to grab a delicious, fully customizable meal. Poke bowls have been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to their fresh flavor and unique combinations. TikiFish knows poke bowls and creates them in an exceptional way.

Fresh greens make the perfect keto-friendly base. Then, TikiFish gives you some great options in terms of your protein selection. Not only that, but they give you tons of it! Two scoops of protein for a small bowl and four scoops for a large! 

Then, choose from tons of colorful veggies to top your bowl and transform it into a flavorful, nutritional powerhouse. Add another punch of tastiness with the variety of sauces. Then, select a keto-friendly side like seaweed salad to round out your meal.

Looking for a zesty option? TikiFish’s citrusy ceviche dishes are an awesome choice. Filled with rockfish, veggies, and a delicious sauce, they make for a refreshing treat. Pair them with the restaurant’s miso soup for a unique take on the traditional soup and salad combo.

No matter what you choose to fill your bowl with at TikiFish, you’ll be sad when you reach the bottom!

Keto Eating in Los Angeles

Don’t let your keto diet stop you from all of the great food the city has to offer. The area is full of talented chefs that love a challenge in the kitchen. Let them know your preferences and they will often be thrilled to adjust their recipes to accommodate them!

From seafood to pizza, there are plenty of keto-friendly options scattered about the city. Sure you can freely enjoy the finest steak, but you can get your pasta fix too! Living a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to hold back in the flavorful foodie adventure department!

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