Keto Restaurant in Citrus Grove, CA

Plants and Animals is a quick service Keto-oriented cafe with a multitude of grab and go comfort foods with a focus on clean, healthy eating following the low carb lifestyle of the keto diet.ย 

Eating healthy isnโ€™t always easy, and our mission is to make healthy choices available for everyone in the convenient way possible. Our balanced meals will fit right into your family meal plan and encourage healthy habits. 

Why Choose Keto?

The keto diet has gained popularity for its outstanding results in weight loss and enhanced performance. Food prep and meal planning can be difficult when choosing the keto diet, and many give up when they hit the first hurdle.

Having a restaurant near Citrus Grove allows those following the keto meal plans to stick to their diets and reap the benefits over time. 

Our meals are crafted to be high in healthy fats and low in carbs, adhering to the keto lifestyle. Whatever reason you have chosen to follow the keto diet: losing weight, increase your energy, or disease management, we are here to provide balanced nutrition at an affordable cost. 

If you do not follow the keto diet but want to eat healthier, our meals are a balanced option and an excellent alternative to other quick-service options. 

Everyone will be able to find something on our menu with our wide selection of vegetarian and vegan choices. We also offer a selection of nut-free and dairy-free meals. Our menu has something for everyone who chooses to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Great Food On the Go in Citrus Grove

Our menu offers a wide variety of options available for convenient pick-up or delivery. Ordering online has never been easier.

All you have to do is select your entree and side dish from our extensive list of scrumptious offerings and include any special instructions. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. 

Need something to wash it all down? In addition to our water and iced tea staples, we have dairy-free fruit smoothies or lemonade made in-house. Donโ€™t skip the dessert menu before you check out. We have keto-friendly and gluten-free choices to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Meal Kits Delivered to Your Door in Citrus Grove

Save yourself the stress of meal planning and let us help you with your busy schedule. Whether you are committed to the keto diet or just want to try something new, our meal kits are ready to help you eat clean and healthy food. 

With our meal kits, you can add a few extra snacks for those long days when you get hungry between meal times and desserts to satisfy your need for something sweet without derailing your diet. 

Catering for Every Diet

Plants and Animals offers a catering service for your next party or event. Our varied menu can help you feed a large group with nutritious options. 

We have both pick up and delivery options to make your catering experience as seamless as possible. Ordering online has never been easier. You plan your Citrus Grove event, and we will take care of the food!

There are a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options for everyone at your event. From meaty burgers to kale salads, everyone can find something to love at Plants and Animals.