Keto Restaurant in Adams Hill, CA

The Plants and Animals restaurant began with our mission to bring low-carb friendly food to the Adams Hill area. Our cozy cafe is here for you to eat delicious Keto food that makes it convenient to maintain your lifestyle. Our menu features only the best ingredients to help you fuel your body well. 

Our cafe offers quick service meals as grab-and-go options and can be delivered to your Adams Hill residence if you so choose. Why should you have to decide between take-out and eating healthy? Plants and Animals lets you do both! 

All Are Welcome At Our Adams Hill Keto Restaurant

We at Plants and Animals strive to create an enjoyable dining experience for anyone, regardless of their dietary preferences. While everything on our menu is low carb, you can find specific options that are vegetarian and gluten-free as well. Our tasty options range from entrees to desserts so you can always find something that sounds good. 

Ketogenic Diets are well known for their excellent health benefits. Your food choices can impact you physically and mentally. Plants and Animals is committed to making food that tastes great without having a negative effect on your health. We take the ability to encourage healthy eating choices as our mission. 

Not only will our food fuel your mind and body, but it’s delicious. You don’t need to choose tasteless food to be healthy. Come dine adventurously with us. We are conveniently located near Adams Hill so you can try our food for yourself. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. 

With plenty of healthy fats and balanced low carb options to choose from, our menu is well known to be delicious. All while still helping people meet their dietary needs and achieve their health goals. Our keto food is good food, made just for you. If you enjoy a drink with your meal we have a great beverage selection as well. 

Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy 

One of the biggest challenges of maintaining a diet can be the planning that goes into each meal. By the time you complete the shopping and prep, the food may not even sound good to you anymore. Luckily, Plants and Animals has the perfect solution: weekly meal kits. 

Our meal kits are precooked for you, taking the guesswork out of prep. They allow you to skip the grocery store altogether, leaving you with meals you can eat when you want. Where most kits have specific meals and side dishes paired together Plants and Animals lets you decide what you’re in the mood for. 

Each of our sides, veggies and proteins are individually packaged and fully compatible to mix and match as you want. You can stick to a Keto diet and not have to worry about washing the dishes with our meal kit. Find your balance and passion for Keto food with our customizable plan. 

Our website makes it easy to order the exact number of meals you’ll need. Also, you can always add savory options and desserts for additional choices throughout the week. Why ship meals from who knows where when you can have a locally made and delicious option delivered to your Adams Hill home? (Pickup is also available for our meal kits if you’d prefer.)

Hassle-Free Catering in Adams Hill

If you need to feel a crowd, leave the cooking to us with our convenient catering packages. There’s no reason catered food can’t be healthy and delicious. We are here to help you make sure your next event is a winner. 

Simply order online with our easy to use form and be sure that everyone’s dietary needs are met. We can take care of the rest, even delivering your meals to your location if needed. Plants and Animals catering can take care of the food so you can focus your energy on your meeting or party.