Keto Restaurant in South Arroyo, CA

What do you get when you combine great recipes with ketogenic ingredients? The backbone of Plants and Animals’ restaurant, bringing healthy and delicious keto food to the South Arroyo area. Check out what our cozy cafe has to offer to fuel your mind and body. 

Offering quick service grab-and-go meals to fit your busy lifestyle, we also deliver so you’ll never have to be without a Plants and Animals meal. Sticking to a keto diet has never been easier when you eat our food. Even those who don’t follow a keto eating lifestyle have found Plants and Animals to be one of their favorite South Arroyo restaurants. 

What Makes Us Special?

Our menu is healthy and completely keto, so you never have to question whether or not our food is allowed. You can fit nutritious eating habits into your lifestyle conveniently with Plants and Animals food. We craft our meals to be high and healthy fats and low carb. Healthy doesn’t need to mean boring. However, our food is exciting, innovative, and delicious. 

While our food makes it easy for anyone to stick to a ketogenic diet because our nutritional values are listed on the menu, anyone can track their macros calories or protein levels as needed. Everyone can benefit from healthier options in their food choices, but we don’t believe anyone should have to choose between healthy and delicious. 

Our menu also features a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. If you’re looking for meals that are allergy-friendly we have choices for you as well. Anyone who loves delicious fresh food will love our menu choices. Don’t forget to charm your sweet tooth with one of our gluten-free and keto-friendly dessert options. Plants and Animals has something for everyone!

Featuring a variety of choices for delivery or convenient pick up, you never have to be without a great meal option. Take your Plants and Animals food to work to be the envy of the breakroom or enjoy a quiet meal at home. We also offer awesome drink options like dairy-free smoothies and our famous house-made iced tea. 

South Arroyo Meal Kits

If you are sick of shopping, meal planning, and preparing all the food you need to stick to the keto diet we have a solution for you. We offer weekly meal kits that are perfect for busy lifestyles. With precooked items delivered to your door, you can customize your options to include the exact number of meals you need. 

The great thing about our meal kits is that they are mix and match! If you aren’t in the mood for a specific side dish one day, you can pair your main entree with something else! No meal has to look the same. Skip the grocery store and try out Plants and Animals’ meal kits. The flexibility of adding both savory snacks and desserts to your plan makes it the perfect choice for anyone. 

Dependable Catering in South Arroyo, CA 

If you’re planning to feed a crowd or just need meals for an event without the hassle of cooking, try Plants and Animals catering options. With some of the most popular menu items available either grab an individual package meal for everyone or our larger catering dishes that can feed a crowd family style. 

Stop stressing over what everyone is going to eat. We can deliver our tasty meals directly to you, or you can pick them up on the way to your party: either way you can rest assured that your meal will be healthy, balanced, and delicious. Plants and Animals makes catering in South Arroyo easier than ever. 

Our passion for clean eating and balanced nutrition extends to even large group events. Our catering can help you make a healthy meal a reality. Placing your order online is easy to do and you’ll be all set for an unforgettable dining experience.