Keto Restaurant in Somerset, CA

Providing Somerset with Healthy and Convenient Options

Plants and Animals is a cozy café with a great selection of keto foods to help you enjoy your clean diet. Our mission is to make clean living as delicious and convenient as possible. We’re happy to serve the Somerset area by providing everything from quick snacks to hot meals, whether it be through our café, our meal kits, or our excellent catering services. 

Diverse Somerset Area Food Choices

At Plants and Animals Somerset, we serve everyone! Our wide-ranging choices ensure that we have something for everyone, no matter what diet you’re on. Following a clean lifestyle shouldn’t make finding convenient and tasty meals difficult, and we’re here to make it easy for you. 

Sticking to Your Keto Diet in Somerset

The Keto Diet has definitely gotten more attention the past few years, and for good reason! The combination of low carbs and a high amount of healthy fats and proteins gives you more energy and sharper focus, not to mention it can help you lose weight and manage different health conditions. 

However, the barriers people face when it comes to food prep and finding keto options on the go can keep them from sticking to this diet. Plants and Animals offers a wide variety of mouthwatering choices that make it simple to stay on track. 

Our foods have health benefits for anyone, whether you’re on the keto track or not. We list nutritional values right on our menu, so people going gluten-free, avoiding allergens like nuts, or just keeping track of their macros can find something right for them!

Making Plant-Based Possible

Plant-based eating has risen in popularity, too. Vegetarians and vegans can find several options that work for them. We have several meat- and animal product-free foods, and we can also remove animal products like cheese from some meals. Our foods that are high in plant-based protein are perfect for those avoiding animal products, whether it be for health or environmental reasons. 

Taking the Stress out of Meal Prep

Let’s face it—meal prepping for a whole week is a lot of work! Deciding what to eat, going to the grocery store, and preparing your meals is enough to give anyone keto fatigue. Our goal is to keep the stress out of a clean lifestyle, so let us help you out by choosing our Weekly Meal Kits! 

All you have to do is tell us how many meals you would like for the week and how many people you’re feeding. We’ll give you individually-packaged sides and entrees, not to mention the desserts and snacks you can add to keep you going between meals! 

Everything is delivered right to your door, saving you time and energy, and at a reasonable price. Our Weekly Meal Kits help you keep your diet simple and fun. 

Somerset Area Catering

Hosting a party or meeting? Take your keto lifestyle a step further by choosing our catering service! Let us handle diverse dietary needs so you can enjoy your event. You can choose pickup or delivery, whatever works best for you.

Our online ordering service makes it easy—just give us the date of your event, any dietary preferences, and the number of guests, and we’ll take it from there! No matter what, Plants and Animals catering service is committed to making your event stress-free.