Keto Restaurant In Los Angeles, CA

Plants and Animals LA is a cozy quick-service Keto café with a host of grab-and-go comfort foods and hot meals, all with a focus on low-carb, clean, healthy eating.

Our mission is to make maintaining nutritious eating habits and a healthy lifestyle easy and convenient. We want to make it easy for you to fit delicious and balanced meals into your busy schedule. 

Why Get Keto Food in Los Angeles?

Many have turned to the Keto diet for everything from fat loss to enhanced performance. However, some find that food prep and meal planning become a barrier, and they abandon the healthy habits they’ve created.

That’s where we as Keto restaurant in Los Angeles come in. Our specially crafted meals are high in healthy fats and low in carbs. Not to mention super delicious. 

Offering these meals allows our customers to stick with the keto lifestyle and reap the benefits. Whether you’re using a keto diet to lose weight, increase energy, or for disease management, our meals can provide you the balanced nutrition you need. 

Our food isn’t just great for those on a keto diet. Our nutritional values are clearly listed on the menu, making our meals perfect for anyone tracking their macros or looking to increase protein as well. 

We offer lots of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. We also have nut-free and dairy-free dishes as well. At Plants and Animals, there is something for anyone with dietary restrictions – or those that just love delicious, fresh food!

Keto Pick Up and Delivery in LA

Our delicious menu is available for either pick-up or convenient delivery. Check out our current offerings and easy to use online ordering system.

Our website has all of the information to create your perfect meal based on your nutritional needs and dietary restrictions.

Select your entree and side dish from our list of delicious options. We are happy to try to accommodate any special instructions that you may have! 

Don’t forget dessert! Our menu includes a variety of gluten-free and keto-friendly dessert options for a sweet end to your meal. We also feature healthy beverages for pick up or delivery to wash it all down! 

Weekly Meal Kits

Our weekly meal kits are perfect for busy lifestyles or those just wanting to try something new. Save yourself a trip to the grocery store with this super convenient option!

These pre-cooked items are delivered to you at home. They can be customized by family size and the number of meals you would like us to provide.

What’s great and different about our meal kits is that they are mix and match. You’ll receive separate entrees and sides that you can put together as you like. The meal possibilities are endless! 

These kits are also flexible, so you can tailor them to your needs. Want to add a few healthy snacks? Just let us know! You can also add desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth throughout the week!

Keto Catering In Los Angeles

Make planning your next event a breeze with the Plants and Animals catering service. We can help you feed a crowd with nutritious and delicious options. 

With different dietary restrictions and preferences, catering an event can be stressful. We’ve got you covered! Our catering menu features something for everyone, from your steak loving friends to your meatless guests. 

With pick up and delivery options, your catering service will be quick and convenient, allowing you to focus on your event. Just order online for your event date and we’ll take care of the rest!